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Lokahi Leaf will always honor: Legacy & Heritage

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

In honor of our co-founder ( Uncle Earl), we honor his father Big Earl this weekend. We treasure the moments of our elders and remember the memories, the life, and the legacy. Not only do we live our lives from their wisdom, and their mistakes we cherish their humanity. This weekend we honor and memorialize the life of Big Earl. His beautiful Lousiana culture & heritage which is as big, and bold as he was, led to the strength of the family foundation. His son and co-founder and our beloved Uncle Earl; Lokahi Leaf will offer our customers 50% off any one item of their choosing. Code-BIGEARL

Check out Uncle Earl's Newest Lip Balm Collection

CANNABLISS - The name says it all!

Additional Island Favorites ( see below)

We love and miss you Big Earl !

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Kai Tagaloa
Kai Tagaloa
Jun 22, 2022

😘 Love the energy of Lokahi Leaf. I got your Jungle shampoo and conditioner Friday! Damn! Its FIRE! Thank you for honoring those that have passed. It shows your heart and more companies need that spirit!


Unknown member
Jun 22, 2022

Love it! You are truly amazing! Cant wait to train with you again soon!

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