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  • Lokahi Leaf will always honor: Legacy & Heritage

    In honor of our co-founder ( Uncle Earl), we honor his father Big Earl this weekend. We treasure the moments of our elders and remember the memories, the life, and the legacy. Not only do we live our lives from their wisdom, and their mistakes we cherish their humanity. This weekend we honor and memorialize the life of Big Earl. His beautiful Lousiana culture & heritage which is as big, and bold as he was, led to the strength of the family foundation. His son and co-founder and our beloved Uncle Earl; Lokahi Leaf will offer our customers 50% off any one item of their choosing. Code-BIGEARL Check out Uncle Earl's Newest Lip Balm Collection CANNABLISS - The name says it all! Additional Island Favorites ( see below) We love and miss you Big Earl !

  • Lokahi Leaf Product Announcement

    Lokahi Leaf continues to bring the highest quality health & wellness brand. Uncle Earl who puts the leaf in Lokahi Leaf brings his latest: " Island Series" Lip Balm! Make sure you get your's today and keep them in your gym bag, hiking bags, travel bags, etc. CHECK THEM OUT TODAY!

  • Lokahi Leaf Hair Care System- The Founder's Secrets to their amazing hair revealed!

    As the years have passed since the farm bill of 2018, we have seen a rise in CBD/Hemp-based products. Everything from body lotion to bath bombs has become infused with hemp extract to add many life-changing benefits. Lokahi Leaf has been a leading skincare system that has revolutionized fragrance-free natural care formulations for women/men’s skincare. Acknowledging that our bodies house a complex endocannabinoid system that helps regulate the daily function of our skin and other organs. When applied topically, CBD—a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. The interaction of this system with receptor sites on the skin (CB1 and CB2), has opened doors to help reduce any inflammation and irritation. The founders of Lokahi Leaf have continued expanding this exclusive lifestyle brand by researching and following their beliefs into the next journey. Studies have found that CB1 and CB2 have endogenous ligands on both the scalp and the hair. This thought process suggests that our hair systems have an endocannabinoid system of their own. Lokahi Leaf has focused its professional-grade hair systems on acting on these ligands. Infusion of hemp and CBD oils can reduce inflammatory cytokines on the scalp, and potentially improve conditions like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and itchy, flaky scalp. Also, the inclusion of specific essential oils, oceanic minerals, and other key ingredients that promote healthy hair and growth. The Benefits of CBD-Infused Hair Care While more research is needed to further evaluate all the amazing therapeutic effects of topical Hemp/CBD on the scalp and hair there is a band of evidence supporting them. Lokahi Leaf Hemp/CBD is rich in many vitamins and essential fatty acids that help form collagen, which nourishes scalp tissue. Our CBD/Bottom of Form Hemp oils provide good hydration for the hair, hair follicles, and scalp; the antioxidants fight free radicals and reduce inflammation and oxidation. The brand has focused primarily on improving scalp conditions for those who braid and utilize extensions of dreadlocks as part of their hair care styling. Also, those who may use lace front and wig hair alternatives on occasion. Those styles can pull their hair consistently and may have sore, itchy scalps that have reported a soothing effect on an inflamed scalp from the new Lokahi Leaf hair care product line. It seems in alignment with their skincare systems and focuses on healthy growth, renewal, and moisturizing effects along with anti-inflammatory benefits. Lokahi Leaf’s amazing hair care is made for everyone. Does CBD Help Hair Grow? Lokahi Leaf CBD/Hemp hair care products help promote scalp health in two ways: “First, it reduces inflammation around the hair follicles, and inflammation can exacerbate hair loss. Second, Hemp/CBD helps promote circulation, and healthy hair growth requires healthy circulation,” explains Rochelle co-founder. The Lokahi Leaf Launch: Next week the launch begins with a very exclusive collection of CBD/Hemp based hair care products. Offering shampoos, conditioners, masques, and daily care solutions for hair growth and maintenance. The founders are very excited about the opportunity for this long-awaited moment to expand into the hair care arena. Over the next few weeks watch closely for exclusive offers and special featured articles on each product. If the founder’s hair is an example of what we can expect this product line will surely be life changing.

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  • LOKAHI LEAF|CBD Health, Beauty, Wellness & Mo

    FREE SHIPPING OVER $25.00 TRUST Never Settle Always Choose Premium Grade Ingredients SHOP ALL Lab Tested for Quality & Safety Organically Grown Hemp in U.S.A Let Us Help You Return to Nature Return to Nature...Together ​ Create the memories that will leave a legacy Relax Rejoice Renew & Remember LOKAHI LEAF Uncle Earl's Lip Balm Island Series CANNABLISS Citrus Sunrise-Herb Garden-Raspberry Rainforest-Vanilla Orchid-Peppermint Breeze-Passionfruit Isle SHOP heal & protect* soothe & restore softness *reduce inflammation * hydrating & moisturizing * nourishing organic & exotic ingredients GO GO GO GO What do you need help with right now? GO GO GO GO THESE ARE AMAZING! BEST SELLERS PAIN RELIEF The Benefits of CBD Pain Relief Lotions & Gels Many customers choose our relief rubs for variety of lotions & gels to help with: *Pain & Stiffness *Muscle Aches & Tension *Itching-Skin Issues *Neuropathy *Anti-Inflammatory Properties *Convienant Roll On Max Recovery- Pain Relief Gel-CBD 1500 mg $69.99 GO Read More SLEEP ISSUES The Benefits of CBD & CBN Gummies Many customers choose our gummies products because they are tasty and tropical flavors & to help with: ​ *Sleep Disorders *Relaxation *Fresh Night Sleep (no lingering drowsiness) *Insomnia *Quality REM Sleep *Anxiety ​ Sleep Gummies (30 CT) CBN 10mg -CBD 25 mg $54.99 GO Read More SKIN ISSUES The Benefits of CBD BeautEva Skin Care Many customers choose our skincare products because they are fragrance free & to help with: *Psoriasis *Eczema & Dermatitis *Fights Free Radicals *Anti-Inflammatory Properties *Reduce Free Radicals * Anti-Aging *Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles Collagen Skin Replenishing Creme CBD 100mg $45.99 GO Read More HEALTHY BODY The Benefits of CBD & CBG Tincture Drops for Healthy Body Many customers choose our wellness products because they are premium grade, quality tested & to help with: ​ *Overall Wellness *Anxiety & Stress *Depression *Insomnia & Sleep Disorders *Rheumatic Disorders *Weight Management *Epilepsy *Memory & Focus CBG Tincture Drops MINT (w/MCT) 1000mg $129.99 GO Read More Sign Up Today for 20% off First Order > I accept terms & conditions Thanks for submitting! MEDIA IN THE Go To Featured Article Go To Featured Article Go To Featured Article Go To Featured Article Go to Featured Article Go To Featured Article

  • REWARDS | Lokahi Leaf

    Lokahi Leaf Loyalty Rewards Gain points and turn them into rewards Become a member Sign Up Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program Earn Points Purchase a product Get 1 Points for every $1 spent Sign up to the site Get 50 Points Redeem Rewards Lokahi Life Rewards-15% off 250 Points = 15% off all products Lokahi Leaf Favorite-50% Off 1000 Points = 50% off all products Lokahi Life Rewards-20% Off 500 Points = 20% off all products



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