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  • Lokahi Leaf-The Big Give Back

    Lokahi Leaf Introduces Holiday Bundle Scholarship Program Take a look at our newest article published in Bloomberg & YaHOO about this amazing holiday educational program. Pick from two amazing holiday bundles valued at over $200.00 and get for the annual low price of $135.00 and proceeds go to Lokahi Leaf Scholarship Fund. You can get as many bundles as you would like or a combination of both! If you have any questions or would like to apply please utilize the contact form. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM LOKAHI LEAF

  • The Evolution of Women over 40

    Change in our journey is inevitable and so are the changes in our bodies. The good news is that feeling great and living your best life is still on the table. Remember, that aging is a gift that not all have the opportunity to experience. So, embrace the beauty that is you and enjoy every moment! Solutions for some of those challenges explored: MENOPAUSE Many women suffer from imbalances in their internal chemistry. Hormonal imbalances can affect many aspects of our bodies in ways that you didn't even realize. Therefore, accepting the fate of aging and not realizing there may be solutions. CBD has been explored for its ability to provide relief for women who suffer from hormonal imbalances. High levels of cortisol can impact other hormone levels including thyroid-stimulating hormones and sex hormones. Any cortisol-reducing activities can therefore help to support overall hormone balance. In addition, when choosing hemp-based CBD products, you get a boost of omega fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid, both of which can contribute to hormone health. Helping to balance out mood changes, reduce sleep disturbances and lower the rate of bone density loss that can happen during menopause. Understanding that our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that is meant to process cannabinoids. They are a group of cell receptors, called cannabinoid receptors, found in the brain, organs, and tissues throughout our bodies. This system plays a crucial role in menopause. There are cannabinoid receptors throughout the female reproductive system too, with menopause disrupting the endocannabinoid system. This can explain some of the effects of premenopause such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, and lower libido. (for more information on the ECS system see: PAIN RELIEF Decrease pain by interacting with the endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation and interact with neurotransmitters. Women suffering from chronic pain such as headaches, cramps, arthritis, fibromyalgia ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION CBD activates receptors in the brain that produce high levels of dopamine, it may be effective for relaxing the mind and body GUT HEALTH Studies have shown that over 70% of women have suffered from digestive problems, such as IBS within the past year It has been suggested that CBD may help to regulate digestion and modulate bowel movements, with a study finding that CBD can alleviate the symptoms linked with digestive issues such as cramps, bloating, and nausea. Educating ourselves on the changes and providing explanations of what we are experiencing is half the battle. Quality of life in this journey matters and exploring solutions to ensure we live every moment on our terms matters. Do not allow yourself to say " I'm getting too old to do that" or " I used to love doing those things". You may have to do things differently and find solutions to overcome them. This next chapter is for YOU! Take the wisdom and beauty you have gained from experience and embrace this journey on your terms. Live it out loud and be adventurous. Be the YOU that you always wanted to be...... References and Links for more Info: from-digestive-health-issues-in-silence-300373970.html

  • Lokahi Life-Finding Purpose

    After 40, we start an evaluation process of life. We start walking through thoughts and evaluating the next chapter and path of life. Take that time in life for your mental health as you do with your physical health. It can be a daunting roller coaster and an endless maze of opportunities, life expectations, and sadly a few defeats along the way in life. As we all get a bit older, usually after 40 we start to ponder more depth of our philosophical side of life. Especially, as we start to lose some family, friends of our own age group. We start to slow down and put a pause or in some cases a screeching halt to life. We begin that journey of analysis and start thinking about the meaning of life. What exactly is a meaningful life? How do you live a meaningful life? Does what I’m doing matter? More importantly, does it matter to me? Well, if you find yourself pondering the topic then it probably does matter to you. Many explore feelings of what is the real purpose and meaning of my life. Feeling that what you’re doing has a real purpose and meaning that matters make a huge difference in your life. It makes getting up each day the most exciting thing in the world. Or, maybe you’re looking for the next chapter and want to cultivate a more meaningful life? This can be very daunting, and complicated and consists of many facets and factors. Here are a few ideas to help drive your discovery period. Get a journal so you can document and write down your thoughts and ideas to get you started on this exploration. Know What’s Important Write down your top 5 things that you believe are the essence of how you want to live life. Paint that picture! Pursue Your Passion I believe everyone should pursue their passion in life. It’s what makes life worth living and gives our lives true meaning and purpose. You feel that certain zest of excitement when you are doing these particular things. Pay attention to the things you spend your time on and see if it sparks your level of excitement and zest for life. Once you discover a few of these explore them as they might drive you to your purpose and next chapter. Giving back to the world and making your mark comes from what you love to do. Evaluate your Principles What would you stand for? What principles do you hold highest? Do you want to help others, animals or a specific cause? Is it to inspire others? Focus Rather than chasing 3 or 4 goals and making very little progress on them, place all your energy on one thing. Focus. Not only will you alleviate some of the stress associated with trying to juggle so many tasks, but you will also be much more successful. Create micro goals focused on smaller time frames. Keep your information in your journal to track your thoughts, successes and feelings. Celebrate your successes. Spend Money on People More Than Things Often, we are faced with wanting to buy material goods. I recommend you consider carefully what you purchase, and think more about spending your money on experiences with friends and family. Not only will this give deeper meaning to your life by focusing on your relationships rather than material wealth, but you will be a happier person as a result. Live With Compassion Both for yourself, and others. Keep in mind the following quote:For some, compassion is the purpose of life, what gives it meaning, and what leads to ultimate happiness. Give Back Do something that both honors your beliefs and passions, while giving something back to the world. Random acts of kindness will definitely cultivate your desire to do even more. Simplify Your Life By simplifying your life, you’ll have more time to do what fulfills you and gives your life meaning. The Journey Enjoy your journey- It’s all yours so take the time you need to find the purpose and legacy you want to leave. One of the best places for self-discovery is in nature. Take a look at a few of our journeys on our social media sites to come September 2022. Maybe it just may provoke a few thoughts of your own about what your next chapter looks like. Or it may help you get out into nature with us and give you the opportunity to think about it. Its it your journey so don’t let life live you- you need to LIVE YOUR LOKAHI LIFE!

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  • LOKAHI LEAF|CBD Health, Beauty, Wellness & Mo

    TRUST Never Settle Always Choose Premium Grade Ingredients SHOP ALL Lab Tested for Quality & Safety Organically Grown Hemp in U.S.A Let Us Help You Return to Nature HOLIDAY SPECIALS ​ BUY CANNABLISS LIP BALM AND GET FREE ISLAND SERIES LIP BALM Choices Below: ​ HERB GARDEN CITRUS SUNRISE VANILLA ORCHID PASSIONFRUIT ISLE RASPBERRY RAINFOREST PEPPERMINT BREEZE ​ BUY BEARD OIL AND GET ONE FOR FREE ​ BUY PET DROPZ & GET TREATZ FREE ​ BUY ARTISAN SOAPZ & GET ONE FREE 50% off Tinctures ​ Return to Nature SHOP BEAUTEVA SKINCARE TRIBAL WELLNESS holiday bundles Holiday Bundle Scholarship Program Pick either holiday bundle which is valued at over $200.00 (retail pricing) for annual low price of $135.00. Proceeds from the holiday bundle purchase will go to fund Lokahi Leaf Scholarship Fund. (see blog for announcement & details to apply) $135.00 SHOP GO GO GO GO What do you need right now? GO GO GO GO Capture Nature's Beauty Get 25% off Today! CODE: LOKAHI25 Subscribe For Bonus Offers PARABEN FREE ORGANIC SULFATE FREE ​​ JUNGLE Hemp Pro-Restore Shampoo & Conditioner Jungle has the freshness of bamboo combined with creamy tropical white flowers with a splash of mint, creating a sense of rainforest. Drenches with hair growth promoting essential oils to restore and rejuvenate. ​ Restorative benefits from natural plant extracts Vitamins to promote healthy, long-term growth Biotin, Vitamin B, Ginseng, and Seaweed Extract work to nourish the scalp Fortifies the strands to nourished to grow strong from root to ends Smoothing Camellia and Olive oils leave hair feeling luxurious, silky Organic Oil(s) conditions and protects hair, while remaining light and soft Strengthens and fortifies hair cuticles and ends Jungle is incredibly restorative & beneficial for fine, thin, or dry/ damaged hair types. Sign Up Today Get Welcome Coupon! > I accept terms & conditions Thanks for submitting! BEST SELLERS PAIN RELIEF The Benefits of CBD Pain Relief Lotions & Gels Many customers choose our relief rubs & lotionsfor variety of lotions & gels to help with: ​ *Pain & Stiffness *Muscle Aches *Itching-Skin Issues *Neuropathy *Anti-Inflammatory Properties *Convienant Roll On & Lotion Options *Relieve Tension LEARN MORE Max Recovery- Pain Relief Gel-CBD 1500 mg $49.99 Read More SLEEP ISSUES The Benefits of CBD & CBN Gummies Many customers choose our gummies products because they are tasty and tropical flavors & to help with: ​ *Sleep Disorders *Relaxation *Fresh Night Sleep (no lingering drowsiness) *Insomnia *Quality REM Sleep *Anxiety LEARN MORE ​ Sleep Gummies (30 CT) CBN 10mg -CBD 25 mg $54.99 Read More SKIN ISSUES The Benefits of CBD BeautEva Skin Care Many customers choose our skincare products subce they are fragrance free & to help with: *Psoriasis *Eczema & Dermatitis *Fights Free Radicals *Anti-Inflammatory Properties *Reduce Free Radicals * Anti-Aging *Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles LEARN MORE Collagen Skin Replenishing Creme CBD 100mg $45.99 Read More HEALTHY BODY The Benefits of CBD & CBG Tinctures for Healthy Body Many customers choose our wellness products: premium grade, quality tested & to help with: ​ *Overall Wellness *Anxiety & Stress *Depression *Insomnia & Sleep Disorders *Rheumatic Disorders *Weight Management *Epilepsy *Memory & Focus LEARN MORE CBG Tincture Drops MINT (w/MCT) 1000mg $89.99 Read More MEDIA IN THE

  • ABOUT US | Lokahi Leaf

    Rochelle About Lokahi Leaf Earl ABOUT US Our journey began decades ago from a desire to provide natural, organic products for healing, as well as healthy options for a family member(s). Some of them suffered from cerebral palsy, arthritis, and epilepsy. We searched for options for over a decade and found cannabis as well as other amazing plants that changed not only their lives but ours. We were concerned with how many medications people are regularly not to mention all the side effects that they come with and long-term damage. We took a hard look at holistic options and began research and studies to find solutions. to remedy these ailments. We then began our quest and launched our lifestyle product line. We found the aspects of cannabis, organics and other natural holistic options made significant improvements and even got many family members off medication altogether. It fulfilled our health and healing needs as former athletes and amazing long-term wellness care to provide an active lifestyle for those that have suffered medical issues, or injuries, or are just aging. Both Earl & I have had careers focused on diverse specializations within personal training, fitness, medical research, and well as horticultural growing. One key factor to our success is we both started and continue to be growers and applied science to our agricultural skill sets. . We wanted to share our passion, journey, and products with the world. We have always spent our lives close to nature and providing similar alternatives. When one family member that suffers from cerebral palsy became able to live seizure-free, muscle spasm-free, and prescription free we knew this is where we belonged. She even launched her own company and found her passion for improving her life's journey. Please follow our BLOG and stay updated on our amazing travels and discoveries of the amazing healing that comes from nature. ​ ​ ​ (Connect to the LokahiLeaf Lifestyle BLOG) ​ WHAT DOES LOKAHI MEAN? Lokahi is to truly have the state of being on “one accord,” which means unity, harmony, and collaborative togetherness. In traditional Hawaiian. When you achieve Lokahi the healing begins. The Lokahi Triangle is about achieving balance in three areas: mental physical, and spiritual. Lokahi means living in harmony with the world around us. The philosophy of these two is a perfect union of everything possible and living your best life! To find that balance and peace, you must approach each day with positive intent, purpose, and passion. Healing begins with kindness! ​ PURPOSE The mission and purpose of Lokahi Leaf are to provide quality, healthy products, provide educational direction and insight and keep it savage and fun. When you feel good you enjoy life and become a bit adventurous. Some may even say......wild. Aging is part of the journey but does not stop the journey. Continue to explore the planet and be adventurous. We provide many options to provide solutions for many types of relief and well-being. Tomorrow is not promised so live well and love yourself. Our product line is diverse and provides a wide variety to choose from for every family member. Discover the mysteries of our planet; heal with CBD and Lokahi Leaf. OUR PLANTS Our amazing planet has provided us with so many healing properties and gifts from nature. One amazing gift that this planet has provided us with is a very diverse, unique plant with more beneficial properties than you can imagine. This plant supports Lokahi Principles of ONE ACCORD (mind, body, and spirit). This plant has gone by many names and referenced as such for decades. CANNABIS*HEMP* GANGA*MARY JANE*WEED... It allows for one’s mental and physical well-being to gain clarity, healing, discovery, relief, comfort, and many other benefits. It has allowed so many people the opportunity to live a balanced joyful life and regain what some felt they have lost. More are joining every day in the discoveries of this amazing plant from aspects of CBD, THC, CBDV, CBC, CBN, CBG, THCV, and more. Lokahi Leaf cares about your well-being and shares the desire for a natural, healthy, and balanced life. Our firm belief is that cannabis, hemp, terpenes, flavonoids, omega acids and so much more are contained within nature and this plant. Every day represents new information, the insight that reveals discoveries and is slowly unlocking the mysteries we seek for natural health and wellness. We believe in nature's beauty and healing properties. Everyone deserves to have quality and quantity of life's adventure. Lokahi Leaf is a lifestyle brand, knowing the extraordinary benefits and the massive potential of the 124+ cannabinoids. We pride ourselves on the highest quality, standards, service, and dedication to our products and customers. Lokahi Leaf exists because of the testimony we have as individuals and our company's direct reflection of that very aspect. If you are not sure where to start just email us and we will help guide your selection. We launched the brand, knowing the extraordinary benefits and massive potential of these powerful cannabinoids and other ingredients nature provides. Our mission then and now remains the same: to create the highest quality and most effective health & wellness and self-care products to help you look, feel and be your best version of yourself. Quality of life is essential and being one with nature is key. Camera

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