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Our journey began decades ago from a desire to provide natural, organic products for healing, as well as healthy options for a family member(s).  Some of them suffered from cerebral palsy, arthritis, and epilepsy. We searched for options for over a decade and found ORGANIC AND NATURAL OPTIONS as well as MANY  amazing plants that changed not only their lives but ours.  We were concerned with how many medications people are regularly not to mention all the side effects that they come with and long-term damage.  We took a hard look at holistic options and began research and studies to find solutions. to remedy these ailments. We then began our quest and launched our lifestyle product line. We found the aspects of our organics and other natural holistic options made significant improvements and even got many family members off medication altogether.  It fulfilled our health and healing needs as former athletes and amazing long-term wellness care to provide an active lifestyle for those that have suffered medical issues, or injuries, or are just aging. Both Earl & I have had careers focused on diverse specializations within personal training, fitness, medical research, and well as horticultural growing.  One key factor to our success is we both started and continue to be growers and applied science to our agricultural skill sets. . We wanted to share our passion, journey, and products with the world. We have always spent our lives close to nature and providing similar alternatives.  When one family member that suffers from cerebral palsy became able to live seizure-free, muscle spasm-free, and prescription free we knew this is where we belonged. She even launched her own company and found her passion for improving her life's journey. Please follow our BLOG and stay updated on our amazing travels and discoveries of the amazing healing that comes from nature. 



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 Lokahi is to truly have the state of being on “one accord,” which means unity, harmony, and collaborative togetherness. In traditional Hawaiian. When you achieve Lokahi the healing begins. The Lokahi Triangle is about achieving balance in three areas: mental physical, and spiritual. Lokahi means living in harmony with the world around us. The philosophy of these two is a perfect union of everything possible and living your best life! To find that balance and peace, you must approach each day with positive intent, purpose, and passion. Healing begins with kindness!


The mission and purpose of Lokahi Leaf are to provide quality, healthy products, provide educational direction and insight and keep it savage and fun. When you feel good you enjoy life and become a bit adventurous. Some may even say......wild. Aging is part of the journey but does not stop the journey. Continue to explore the planet and be adventurous. We provide many options to provide solutions for many types of relief and well-being. Tomorrow is not promised so live well and love yourself.  Our product line is diverse and provides a wide variety to choose from for every family member. Discover the mysteries of our planet; heal with CBD and Lokahi Leaf. 



Our amazing planet has provided us with so many healing properties and gifts from nature. One amazing gift that this planet has provided us with is a very diverse, unique plant with more beneficial properties than you can imagine. This plant supports Lokahi Principles of ONE ACCORD (mind, body, and spirit). This plant has gone by many names and referenced as such for decades.




It allows for one’s mental and physical well-being to gain clarity, healing, discovery, relief, comfort, and many other benefits. It has allowed so many people the opportunity to live a balanced joyful life and regain what some felt they have lost. More are joining every day in the discoveries of this amazing plant from aspects of CBD, THC, CBDV, CBC, CBN, CBG, THCV, and more. 


Lokahi Leaf cares about your well-being and shares the desire for a natural, healthy, and balanced life.
Our firm belief is that cannabis, hemp, terpenes, flavonoids, omega acids and so much more are contained within nature and this plant.  Every day represents new information, the insight that reveals discoveries and is slowly unlocking the mysteries we seek for natural health and wellness.

We believe in nature's beauty and healing properties.  Everyone deserves to have quality and quantity of life's adventure. Lokahi Leaf is a lifestyle brand, knowing the extraordinary benefits and the massive potential of the 124+ cannabinoids. We pride ourselves on the highest quality, standards, service, and dedication to our products and customers.

Lokahi Leaf exists because of the testimony we have as individuals and our company's direct reflection of that very aspect. If you are not sure where to start just email us and we will help guide your selection.

We launched the brand, knowing the extraordinary benefits and massive potential of these powerful cannabinoids and other ingredients nature provides. Our mission then and now remains the same: to create the highest quality and most effective health & wellness and self-care products to help you look, feel and be your best version of yourself. Quality of life is essential and being one with nature is key.

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