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Lokahi Leaf- The Travel Tour Begins 9/1/2022-OAHU

Lokahi Leaf Lifestyle - Return to Nature with our Founders

Hello Everyone

Welcome to Lokahi Leaf Lifestyle Tour. Earl & Rochelle are the founders of Lokahi Leaf. It has been over a decade from concept to product line and now we want to share with you the “why”. We have really wanted to expand the mission and values behind our brand and drive home the purpose. It is truly a lifestyle brand that focuses on health & wellness. It has and will always be more than amazing natural, organic products that are derived from our planet. It is about returning to nature to discover yourself and enjoy this journey called life.

Regardless of where you are today, it is about starting one step at a time. We have all experienced setbacks from injuries, medical conditions, life changes, body changes, and chemistry, to even losing focus. It is okay! It happens to all of us at some point. You may have found yourself without a support system to encourage you. Some of us may have even experienced hurtful criticisms degrading our personal value, looks, and desirability. Our social world of engagement can be unkind, but the harshest words usually come from your own circle. It can break your spirit. So, that ends today and the fastest way to do it is to return to nature. You will find the true beauty in life, and nature and restore your spirit hopefully along the way. With each step, you take you will become healthier and energized about experiencing new adventures. So, join us as we travel the world! Not only to find more amazing discoveries for new ingredients but to share more details about our existing product line. We will be sharing with you our adventures, and activities, and hopefully, you will share yours as well. To inspire us all to explore new and exciting places but even more important to create memories and healthier. LIVE LOKAHI!

Now, let’s have some fun and let the goals fall in place.

Looking forward to sharing our first location: OAHU.

THE 2022-2024 JOURNEY BEGINS ........JOIN US

Here are some adventures on schedule: CARIBBEAN, LATIN AMERICA, ARUBA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, POLYNESIA just to name a few. Not to mention some here in the states: SAN DIEGO, NEW ORLEANS, MIAMI, ORLANDO, ALASKA and more...

Check out our social media links for even more videos, pictures, and more!

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