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LOKAHI LEAF-Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Many people are feverishly asking what are they and how you use them. Even more so WHY? So here is the lowdown!

Many people are feverishly asking what are they and how you use them. Even more so WHY? Lokahi Leaf has been dedicated to living a life of exploration, natural healing, and preservation of the environment. Although we learn more every day about new opportunities to do so it is a priority for us. We are always open to suggestions and ideas which is where the foundation of this article begins.


As I mentioned Lokahi Leaf travels the world to learn and grow and bring nature into our product line. During those travels, many have asked our founders " How do you manage to maintain and have such beautiful healthy long hair when you are exposed to elements in travels and both are over 40 years old"? The reply is always the same: IT COMES FROM NATURE

"We don't stop living to preserve ourselves. We still fight the same battles as everyone else with our health and wellness. We are far from perfect and are just ordinary people trying to live our best lives with nature as a partner in that experience." "You will never hear either of us refuse to cliff dive or any other adventure out of fear of the sun, water, or wind because it may mess up their hair or skin etc. Nature provides healing for all of those concerns and nourishing your hair, skin, and body after experiencing the world is part of that process."


Although Lokahi Leaf is a world-renowned organic hair care line the desire to add options for traveling and reducing packaging which has effects on our environment. It also comes from traveling and being active explorers. We love to travel light and the weight of full-size bottles and hair care products can take up a lot of room. It also has the chance to spill in bags, and suitcases and ruin things in your sports bags or luggage. It also doesn't get through the TSA and airlines. Nothing worse than having to throw away your investment in quality hair care into the trash at the metal detector. Therefore, our founders wanted to change the game and add this amazing option to their lineup. They took the formulations of their products and worked towards bars that captured the same natural essence and organic benefits into a power punch of quality hair care into bars. They come in reusable travel containers and provide the same benefits as the foundation bottled versions. Lokahi Leaf is also working towards a reduction in plastics with their Return & Renew Subscription plan. This allows customers to return the bottles for a huge discount on the refill purchase. This will allow Lokahi Leaf to properly recycle the bottles to reduce microplastics in our environment.

The bars are available in 5 amazing formulations to choose from.



If you have never used a shampoo & conditioner bar, give it a try! To apply the shampoo, simply wet your hair, then gently "brush" the shampoo bar directly onto your hair. Just a few times will do the trick to allow the lather to develop well. If you feel like you need a little more lather, add more water before adding more shampoo. Lokahi Leaf shampoos go a long way! All of our formulations are highly concentrated with ingredients and not water. Another method of application is to wet your hair, then lather the shampoo bar in your hands. Set the bar aside and apply the lather directly to your hair. Repeat as necessary. Depending on your water and type of hair you may or may not need a conditioner or rinse. Or you may want to use our hair masque on a bi-weekly or weekly schedule.

Now if you are new to utilizing natural hair care products keep this in mind.

Your hair typically goes through a transition period when switching to organic natural shampoo. This period usually lasts 1-2 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair. During this time, the scalp is detoxing, which may result in oily feeling hair and even changes to your scalp. If you allow your scalp to complete the detox process, you will see beautiful results! We recommend continuing to use the natural shampoo during this process, trying to wash your hair only 2-3 times a week if possible.

Please keep in mind that in our products we use natural teas, herbs, essential oils, plants, etc. to add scents, so sometimes scents will be softer or lighter than those that use synthetic chemical fragrances.

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