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The history of Cannabis is as intresting as the wild toad ride at Disneyland. Yes, I used Disneyland and Cannabis in the same sentence. The cultivation of cannabis has been one of the worlds largest cultivated plants. As far as the human consumption of the plant, some have traced it back tothe 6th century BC. Humans have long utilized the planet and its natural resources of life and healing properties in their diet, personal care, ceremonies, and wellness. So, when did this little plant go from a thing in nature to a freak of nature. When did the branding by societal pressures from specific entities drive a natural grown, wildly cultivated plant to the naughty list. It was actually found in medical pharmiceutical journals and pharmacy encycolopedias for decades.

So, here is the factoid:

Did you know that cannibis was in the Pharmacopeia until 1937 when it was removed due to federal prohibition with passge of the Marijuana Tax Act?

Here is a link to the pharmacopedia in case you want to research more fun information. Alot of intresting information!

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