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Escapade Shampoo Bar


These travel-ready & eco-friendly shampoo bars offer the best of both worlds. Immense lather and leave locks clean, refreshed, and hydrated. Your luxurious locks and the environment will thank you! Finally, A luxurious hair care product that you can take your hair care rituals with you on your favorite escapade.

This blend is an intoxicating blend of intoxicating scents of nature. The sultry essence of amber and the natural essence of the woods embrace your senses. LOKAHI Leaf combines a nourishing mix of Coconut and Argan oils to cleanse your locks without stripping their essential nutrients. This unique tropical blend is also combined with the most lux Cocoa Butter to reduce the frizzies.

The shampoo bars offer an amazing experience & satisfying lather your hair will enjoy. Leaving your luxurious locks clean + hydrated. Combined with Vitamin E as well as Panthenol restores shine and flowing volume.

Our 2 oz. bars are provided in reusable travel containers. This trending hair care solution is as eco-friendly as it comes. Our bars are solid which allows for a travel-friendly experience. Our ingredients are ultra-condensed to keep packaging minimal.

Escapade Shampoo Bar

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