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CBG Tincture Drops (w/MCT) 1000mg


Experience the benefits of the rare and precious CBG by Lokahi Leaf.



Experience the benefits of the rare and precious CBG by Lokahi Leaf. Description: CBG is often referred to as the "mother or stem cell" of all cannabinoids. The reason is due to all other cannabinoids being synthesized from it. Due to its exclusive nature, very few manufacturers attempt to produce this cannabinoid. We are excited to offer this amazing tincture that brings our customers some of the purest most effective drops available! Developed with few ingredients it is a simple and pure effective blend. CBG has been shown to regulate mood and naturally boost produced anandamide in the body. This powerful neurotransmitter is known for improving memory and other cognitive functions. Unlike CBD, which acts mostly through indirect interactions with the Endocannabinoid System in our bodies, CBG is thought to directly act with the CB1 & CB2 receptors in the brain. CBG works to fight inflammation, nausea, and pain and slow the proliferation of cells.

Key Features:

*1000 mg of Cannabigerol ( CBG)

* Mint Flavored

* Blended and Fractionated Coconut Oil ( Organic MCT) as the carrier 

*Non-Detectable THC (ND THC) ppm

*1oz /30ml


Recommended Use:

Take one (1) full dropper one or more times per day. Use regularly over a prolonged period for maximum effectiveness.


Why MCT?

Many health-conscious conscious consumers are aware of MCT Oil and its benefits. MCT has benefits to CBD which are on one accord and complementary to the therapeutic aspects of CBD. MCT is a fast-acting natural source of energy that has long-lasting effects due to its quick absorption. It is utilized by the brain and body and is stored within the body as a fuel resource. The benefits of MCT are metabolic which contribute to cognitive awareness, energy levels, appetite, digestive health, immune system, and hormonal stability. This is due to the ability to absorption of fat-soluble nutrients which lend themselves to these health benefits.

The effects Lokahi Leaf's CBD delivered in MCT provide such long-lasting health benefits that benefit our approach to lifestyle health and wellness through nature. When the holistic effects of MCT are combined with the therapeutic benefits of CBD the effectiveness and experience of the benefits of Lokahi Leaf tinctures are the most coveted products we offer. 

CBG Tincture Drops (w/MCT) 1000mg

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$45.00Sale Price
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