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Diezel Bleux Pet Snax CBD 150 mg- 30 count


This fantastic dog treat is tasty and provides well-needed benefits to our pets. Our CBD soft chews for dogs are crafted with our unique Premium CBD formula derived from high-quality hemp plants grown right here in the USA. Combined with the delicious flavors, these CBD soft dog chews offer the benefits of premium hemp extracts and terpenes. Our products are created using the highest manufacturing standards and third-party tested by independent labs for purity and quality. Made for small, medium, and large dogs, aging dogs with small mini bite-size chewable to keep the needs of every pet in mind.


Key Features:

  • 5mg of CBD per chew
  • Helps to calm your pet
  • Supports Immune system
  • Aids and relieving discomforts
  • Improves Mood
  • Assists in Recovery
  • Supports joint health


Every bite is tasty and rewarding for your pooch!

Our pet treats with CBD are in a convenient pouch. They are a delicious and beneficial way to provide CBD to your pet and make it part of their diet plan. Our pet chews are created with natural ingredients to help keep your furry friend’s body in perfect balance and keep them happy. The cheese flavor is a bonus every pet will enjoy!


CBD 150mg


Diezel Bleux Pet Snax CBD 150 mg

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