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Lokahi Life-Finding Purpose

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

After 40, we start an evaluation process of life. We start walking through thoughts and evaluating the next chapter and path of life. Take that time in life for your mental health as you do with your physical health.

It can be a daunting roller coaster and an endless maze of opportunities, life expectations, and sadly a few defeats along the way in life. As we all get a bit older, usually after 40 we start to ponder more depth of our philosophical side of life. Especially, as we start to lose some family, friends of our own age group. We start to slow down and put a pause or in some cases a screeching halt to life. We begin that journey of analysis and start thinking about the meaning of life.

What exactly is a meaningful life?

How do you live a meaningful life?

Does what I’m doing matter?

More importantly, does it matter to me?

Well, if you find yourself pondering the topic then it probably does matter to you. Many explore feelings of what is the real purpose and meaning of my life. Feeling that what you’re doing has a real purpose and meaning that matters make a huge difference in your life. It makes getting up each day the most exciting thing in the world. Or, maybe you’re looking for the next chapter and want to cultivate a more meaningful life?

This can be very daunting, and complicated and consists of many facets and factors.

Here are a few ideas to help drive your discovery period. Get a journal so you can document and write down your thoughts and ideas to get you started on this exploration.

Know What’s Important

Write down your top 5 things that you believe are the essence of how you want to live life. Paint that picture!

Pursue Your Passion

I believe everyone should pursue their passion in life. It’s what makes life worth living and gives our lives true meaning and purpose. You feel that certain zest of excitement when you are doing these particular things. Pay attention to the things you spend your time on and see if it sparks your level of excitement and zest for life. Once you discover a few of these explore them as they might drive you to your purpose and next chapter. Giving back to the world and making your mark comes from what you love to do.

Evaluate your Principles

What would you stand for?

What principles do you hold highest?

Do you want to help others, animals or a specific cause?

Is it to inspire others?


Rather than chasing 3 or 4 goals and making very little progress on them, place all your energy on one thing. Focus. Not only will you alleviate some of the stress associated with trying to juggle so many tasks, but you will also be much more successful.

Create micro goals focused on smaller time frames. Keep your information in your journal to track your thoughts, successes and feelings. Celebrate your successes.

Spend Money on People More Than Things

Often, we are faced with wanting to buy material goods.

I recommend you consider carefully what you purchase, and think more about spending your money on experiences with friends and family. Not only will this give deeper meaning to your life by focusing on your relationships rather than material wealth, but you will be a happier person as a result.

Live With Compassion

Both for yourself, and others. Keep in mind the following quote:For some, compassion is the purpose of life, what gives it meaning, and what leads to ultimate happiness.

Give Back

Do something that both honors your beliefs and passions, while giving something back to the world. Random acts of kindness will definitely cultivate your desire to do even more.

Simplify Your Life

By simplifying your life, you’ll have more time to do what fulfills you and gives your life meaning.

The Journey

Enjoy your journey- It’s all yours so take the time you need to find the purpose and legacy you want to leave. One of the best places for self-discovery is in nature. Take a look at a few of our journeys on our social media sites to come September 2022. Maybe it just may provoke a few thoughts of your own about what your next chapter looks like. Or it may help you get out into nature with us and give you the opportunity to think about it. Its it your journey so don’t let life live you- you need to LIVE YOUR LOKAHI LIFE!

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