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Lokahi Leaf: Explores Self Reflection and Self Love

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

As Lokahi Leaf gets ready to launch the "Return to Nature Travel Series" in September 2022, we will also take on topics of growth. As we get ready we start with this post on self-love and self-reflection to drive the focus on what we want to achieve. Not just from the series but each of our journeys' through this life. Challenging each other to find Lokahi..... We hope this blog post finds you well!

Many of us get up each day and continue the grind, hustle, and flow of each moment as it arrives. Our daily lives can be stuck in a status quo flux and state of mind which essentially tunnel visions your focus. However, it is not truly focused because you are just going through the motions of each day. Some days it may be like something isn’t quite right, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You think you put your finger on it but deep down your sense of “Lokahi” is just off balance. Go ahead and ask yourself the hard questions. Do you just feel off balance, out of harmony? If so, it’s time for self-love and reflection on what is causing the misalignment.

Three Simple Self Reflections:

1. Am I fighting against myself and going in the opposite direction of my natural self and purpose?

2. Am I fighting against those that truly stand by me so my ego can be fulfilled with frivolous self-serving empty attention? Do I give my attention to those that don’t reciprocate or only give it to serve their purpose?

The bottom line is most of us give way too much focus and attention to those that in a time of crisis won’t be there. Ask yourself:

Who would the 3 people be that you would call that also would respond asap? I mean that they drop everything type of response to be there for you. Now, ask yourself who are the three people that got your quality, quantity, and purposeful attention today?

Are they the same 3 people?

We all know what we should be doing but we allow distractions. Usually, distractions have no purposeful meaning on the goals, ambitions, and desires of the road you are trying to travel.

To live “Lokahi” and on one accord you must always have time for self-reflection to ensure you are in alignment. Simply release and let go of beliefs and ideas about how things should be. This will allow your natural self to engage in what is.

3. Does the goal, purpose, and path have the attention? Do you give proper attention and receive reciprocity? Then ask if you give it in return?

Creating time for self-love & self-reflection is imperative. Today is a new day and the beauty in that is you can start now. Yesterday is gone and it’s not coming back so stop living there. Anyone that wants to change, become the change, and re-align life’s balance can start right here at this very moment.

Here are a few Lokahi Leaf strategies to get you started:


Focus on what’s right and beautiful in life. When positivity is on top of the mind it will drive the focus on what is right in life and give us energy. Look at the love, devotion, and selflessness that is in your world. This time is for positive language and actions. Give thanks to those that tolerate your negative space and love you regardless. It is something truly to be grateful for especially if you let yourself be consumed in a negative mindset. Loving someone at their worst is a gift not many have mastered, Judgement and self-righteousness can jade that moral compass of the ultimate gift.

WHO are you

This is the time to focus on you. Not who people say you are but who you really are and the parts nobody even knows about. Get to the heart of your core values and the essence of you. Life can get in the way, and it feels like you are being buried alive at times. Raw aspects of being a human step in and you are overwhelmed, freaking out, panicked stressed, and anxious and you just plain lose it. It’s okay! You are okay! The best thing you can do for yourself is nothing at all and take a step back. Re-evaluate! When we allow that spiral, we put your values, and principles at risk, and introduce bad habits and self-sabotage into the daily mix of your alignment of self fractures. Take this time to re-evaluate and remember all the beautiful aspects that make you-you. Get your alignment of self, back in check. This ultimately leads to loving others more openly, honestly, and with healthy enrichment of those relationships.

SET boundaries for SELF LOVE

Many of us don’t have boundaries or the right ones in place. This contributes to feeling off balance, out of step, and just outta whack. When this happens, it is the perfect time to reflect and re-establish the parameters. Healthy boundaries are zones where you establish the limits. Pay attention to how you are feeling during these times and when those zones are challenged. Also, self-reflect during this time and ask yourself what boundaries you cross. One cannot be in alignment when growth doesn’t look in both directions. You must reflect inward as well as outward to be at peace and in harmony with yourself and others. It also is required to grow as a person. You may find times you are not only the victim but the creator of the chaos. Ask yourself: do I give to others what I require? Meditation during this time is a great way to have your mind explore these opportunities for self-reflection and discovery.


Our most resound memories are those that come from a time in our life when we were free-spirited, adventurous, and playful. What brought joy? What were those amazing memories and activities? In what ways did you like to get creative, expressive, and truly open? Get in touch with that side of yourself when you reclaim your life and “do what you want to do”. Build memories and spend time where it matters. Reflect on the earlier checklist of who gets your attention as a priority. This is the time to redirect and give back the time to those who reciprocate and unconditionally love you at your worst or neglected. Share these amazing moments again and have some fun. The other people won’t even notice you are gone but those that care do. They noticed when you redirected it in the first place. So, now is the time to have fun again. It's about being on one accord and alignment on that purpose, goal, and life.

You need to love what you’re doing and who you are. Living “Lokahi” and your best life starts with you. Each day begins and ends with you, and it is exactly what you make of it. This journey is yours and not what society and “randoms” as I like to call them. People who randomly pass through your life and offer you advice, opinions, and judgment with no foundation of who you are or what even matters to you. They don’t care enough about the consequences of their ill attempt at consequential advice but to feed their ego and hear themselves speak. This is a journey, and it is yours to live in alignment with the principles, focus, and attention it deserves. It’s time to dig deep and do some serious self-reflection from your mind, body, and spirit.

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Kai Tagaloa
Kai Tagaloa

Thank you! Excited for your travels it will suit you well.



Love the depth of insight. Make sure you put our wellness retreat here in Dallas and Houston on your agenda. I would love to have you attend. 😍

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