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The essence and force behind making things that seem impossible - possible!  Drive and ambition but always wearing flip flops to get her there. Don't provide an great idea unless you want her to go get it done. The planning and coordination efforts to ensure all aspects and tools are in place to provide the best is her goal. She is a grower, researcher and has her hands in every aspect of the business. 


Research & Development

AKA-The Medicine Man

E is the genius and expert behind the launching of Lokahi Leaf. Bringing his knowledge and expertise through every stage  to ensure a Premium Grade quality to every aspect of products and service to the brand.  He is the vision of what is possible. When challenges occur he has the team read, recognize and make the appropriate adjustments to master each product and bring out it's possibilities. 


Packaging & Distribution

Loves to work through challenges and find opportunities wherever life provides them. As this journey began her focus was on believing everything was possible. Her daily famous quote  "you just have to have confidence". She is the life blood of hope and faith in humanity. She will get your product to you because she just cares that much! 


Technology Officer

The ultimate mind meld of logic and system coordination. He pulls together a wish list and custom features and benefits  required or desired and brings it to fruition. His logistical execution of delivering a platform timely and customized to needs of business is amazing.  Like in nature there is a balance and logical reasoning that unites the creative forces many of us possess. 


Marketing/Brand Management

The creative mind behind the  imagery and design to paint the visual display of the Lokahi experience. Lokahi Leaf is more than products; they are a way of life. Conveying that magic is easy when you understand its meaning.  

Like in life and nature, design is simple and pure. 

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