2 years of planning and prep and 6 days to go

There are times in your life when your sitting back and relaxing with your best friend just sharing ideas. Some times its just to dream and imagine everything that is possible and sometimes not so possible. There was a vision painted in one of those conversations that inspired action. When that happens I usually go underground and disappear. I go deep undercover and get involved in understanding every aspect on a whole new level. This is what happened with my best friend and one of those conversatiosn went viral in our head. His extreme knowledge and my overwhelming passion, desire and drive. Now here we are after endless hours of research, studying, creating and developing. We are 6 days away from launching what was a fun conversation. Never been so happy and excited! Thank you all for your endless support! Some amazing motivating forces are no longer with us but engrained in Lokahi Leaf. LETS DO THIS !

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